Ottmar Hörl

Wertheim, b. 1950

The self-portrait is a recurring motif in art history. It is personal, but at the same time it is meant to be seen by others. Ottmar Hörl's work Existence consists of plastic sculptures depicting the artist himself. The serially produced grey figures do not coincide with the traditional understanding of a self-portrait that emphasises the individuality of the artist. The sculptures play around the boundary drawn between the public and the private: they are displayed in a public space, but with hidden faces, facing the wall. The figures seem to be hanging by their arms from something, as if on their last piece of strength. The grip of their fingers could be released at any moment. Where will the artist fall? Does his existence depend on this frail grasp?

Ottmar Hörl attends the exhibition as invited by Kalle Mustonen

Ottmar Hörl: Existence, 2015, plastic, 100 x 23 x 15 cm