Maija Närhinen

Helsinki, b. 1967

Maija Närhinen's River is a collage of map images. The starting point of the work has been the lines that represent rivers on maps. The artist has cut out an immeasurable amount of them. The work forms a water area that combines the various meanings of maps. It does not point to a particular place, as the strips of maps have been removed from any context that would allow recognition. Maija Närhinen is interested in the concept and perception of an image. The inventive choice of material brings to her work a dimension of its own, one that gives rise to fresh insights. Through the work the viewer can contemplate the relationships between maps, mapmakers and the depicted worlds.

Maija Närhinen nominated Jacob Dahlgren for the exhibition 

Maija Närhinen: River, 2015, scanned maps / pigment ink print, 340cm x 340cm