Aulis Harmaala

Helsinki, b. 1966

The butterfly invokes thoughts of freedom and lightness, and of transience and ephemerality. It is also a symbol of metamorphosis.Aulis Harmaala's work Metamorphosis had its beginning in an old butterfly collection found in a flea market. The collection, carefully gathered by people left unknown, ended up in the artist’s possession in a rundown and broken state. In the work, the collection receives a new life in the form of photographs and enlarged butterfly wings. Try on the butterfly wings in the changing stall! With the wings on your back, you can spend a private moment, reflecting on past and perhaps future metamorphoses in your own life and persona.

Aulis Harmaala nominated Gil & Moti for the exhibition

Aulis Harmaala: Muodonmuutos, 2015, colour print, 45 x 55 cm.